Feeding Your Soul and Living a Full Life

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

We all know living an active lifestyle can result in many health benefits. Imagine the benefits of feeding your mind, body, and soul simultaneously. Living a balanced, well rounded, and fulfilling life. The key is finding the right " Tribe" and the right "Vibe"

It has been said that " your vibe, attracts your tribe" so it is important to surround yourself with like minded people who will encourage you to live the type of full life you want to live. It's not enough to be active. You have to find an activity that not only keeps you fit, but sets your soul on fire if you want to stick to an active lifestyle and live a balanced, full life. It's important to find a "tribe" that encourages you to stick with that activity once you find it Many people also search for opportunities to build friendships and community in their lives and joining a studio can provide you with these opportunities. Once you find a passion and a tribe that supports that passion you have the recipe for succsess. Mind, body, and soul!

"... It has been such an amazing journey and I could not be happier knowing the ladies that I know now. I finally got to experience the joy that had been missing for so long in my life and I have Momentum Dance Company to thank for that." -Deanna G

Buti Yoga "tribe" at Momentum Dance Company. Every Tuesday night at 6:15pm

Join our tribe! #MDCtribe (Left to right: Buti Yoga, Tuesdays 6:15pm. Violet Vixens Performance Team Thursdays 7:20pm. Latin, Thursdays 6:20pm.)

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