Show ME how to Burlesque!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Burlesque has always been around and appreciated by the fringe sects of society but the 2010 feature film " Burlesque" introduced Burlesque performance to the mainstream audience. The scene has been exploding ever since! There are so many things to love about Burlesque. The glamorous fashion, the double entandres and cheeky gimmicks, the appreciation for Vintage music and performance style. Perhaps the most beloved aspect of Burlesque is the appreciation for the female body in every shape and size. Burlesque celebrates the female form and bucks the traditional view of a "dancer's body". Beauty comes in all sizes and learning to love the body you have is empowering! Dancers are encouraged to shake everything they've got, every beautiful inch. Burlesque also teaches us not to be ashamed of showing our skin or embracing our sexuality. There are so many Burlesque classes throughout San Diego but not all Burly classes are the same. Some offer a more traditional approach where dancers learn the art of vaudeville performing and strip to pasties, some take a more contemporary approach where scantily clad dancers move to modern pop and R & B music. Momentum Dance Company offers a fusion of traditional bumps n grinds movement, vintage music and performance style with little to no stripping. Director and instructor Dominique Lopez gives a nod to classic Burlesque with her glamourous costumes and choreography sans nudity. If you're looking for a safe and empowering space to learn the art of Burlesque, join us every Thursday at 7:20pm at Momentum Dance Company. If you're feeling extra enthused, check out our performance team the "Violet Vixens" Thursdays at 8:20pm.

Burlesque at MDC every Thursday at 7:15pm with Dominique Lopez

The Violet Vixens performing " Mermaids" at House of Blues SD. Violet Vixens meet and rehearse every Thursday at 8:20pm

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