Yoga with Momentum!

Yoga is far more than contorting your body into pretzel like poses or chanting with crystals. Yes, there are elements of both throughout Yoga. However at Momentum Dance we are bringing a practice of Yoga that benefits dancers and compliments our dance classes for overall wellbeing and enhanced physical performance. This is especially important for our performers, young and old! Yoga has helped people lose weight, overcome fears, conquer bad habits, and develop better concentration. Others feel improved self awareness, a deeper sense of wellbeing, greater self- acceptance, enhanced relationships, developed compassion, and an overall sensation of being at peace.

Dance can be brutal on the body at times, especially as we age. Many dancers over the age of 30 complain of achy joints and increased injuries from weekly dance practice. The best way to prevent injury and care for your body is to pair weekly dance with regular yoga practice. Your body is the vessel that allows you to express the art of dance on stage. You only get one, so take care of it! Practice a balanced healthy lifestyle and nourish your body with regular yoga practice. Momentum Dance Company currently offers three weekly classes to help you incorporate Yoga practice through your MDC membership.

Buti Yoga, is a combination of Vinyasa Yoga, Dance Cardio, and Plyometrics set upbeat tribal music and EDM. This class is great for Women and Men, however it's been said to be especially empowering for Women. Be sure to ask your instructor for modifications if you are new to Yoga or have an injuries. Your instructor is here to help you harness your inner Yoga Warrior! *Tuesdays at 6:15pm. Included in membership. $15 Drop in for non- members.

Family Yoga, is a light introduction to Yoga that can be practiced with the entire family. Participants will learn a sequence of Yoga poses in each series through the use of themed activities, community participation, games, and even a little dancing! Although the class is specifically designed for children 4-10 and their parents. This class can be taken with or without parents and younger children are welcome to participate with parental supervision. If you are planning to participate with your child and bring a younger sibling to observe, we recommend bringing an additional parent/adult for backup! *Saturdays at 11:20am. Included in membership $10 Per participant for non-members.

Yoga Barre, is a gentle Barre Fitness Class that incorporates deep "Hatha Yoga" stretches. This is a great class dancers looking to condition, improve alignment, posture, increase flexibility, and be kind to their bodies. Think of this as our "Body Love" class! It's a great way to set the refresh button and breeze through your weekend with comfort and ease. *Saturdays at 12:10pm. Included in membership, $15 Drop In for non-members.

Momentum Dance Company would like your input! Momentum will host a Demo Day on Saturday September 28th From 1:10-2:00pm Please join us for 30 Minute Dance Flow and Restorative Yoga Classes. We plan to add both classes to our Tuesday night lineup in October! Help us determine how well these Yoga classes fit into your practice at Momentum Dance Company.

Momentum Dance Company is celebrating it's 5 year anniversary. Join us and "Fall in love with Dance" as we have! Limited time offer, please act quick!

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